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Help us test our service and get rewarded.

Insurely is launching in the UK and we would like your help with testing our services. We will give you a £10 gift card at Marks & Spencer Shop for the test and an additional £5 for every friend you refer that completes a valid test within 2 days.

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What is the service you will test?

Our service enables you to collect and view the details of your insurance policies. We are testing the products ability to collect the right data. This is just for testing purposes and no data about you or your insurance policies will be permanently stored.

Join the testing program in 3 easy steps.

  • Sign up and refer a friend using this form
  • Go to
    - Select your insurance company
    - Log-in with your current insurance provider username and password
    - See your insurance policy details
  • After the test, we will email you an electronic gift card to be used at any Marks & Spencer shop.

About your data: 

For the purpose of this test, your data will only be stored in our systems for 14 days for us to ensure our systems are working technically.

Additional conditions: 

  • We only support collections from a limited number of insurance companies. If your company is not listed it means it is not available yet and you will unfortunately not be able to complete the test. 
  • Each test will be considered valid if you successfully log-in and collect your insurance information. You will also receive the gift card value if you use the correct login information but our service has problems collecting your insurance information.
  • We will give you only 1 gift card for the total amount of both your and your referral's test. If your referral completes a valid test within the 2 day time period you will receive a gift card for £15. If only you complete the test within the time frame you will receive a gift card for £10.
  • Your referral will also receive a £10 gift card after completing a valid test. 
  • They will also be entitled for the additional £5, if they complete this form and refer another person before they complete the test.
  • The gift cards are sent out once a week so it may take between 3-5 business days for you to receive your gift card.

The API process


With an added tool in your application as part of “My pages”, the customer can download current data and collect all their insurance regardless of the insurance provider, using the following process:


  1. Insurance data is requested from your application on behalf of the customer through a power of attorney (PoA). The customer gives consent and approves the terms and conditions.
  2. Insurely connects to the insurer with user authentication (using single sign-on or non-single sign-on).
  3. Raw, unprocessed insurance data is sent to Insurely (more specifically, to our API engine).
  4. The data is returned to you in a structured format.
  5. Now, the customer can use their insurance data. All data or just a few data points can be used in your application to auto-fill data and compare coverage or price.