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The power of open insurance at your business’s fingertips.

We dedicate ourselves to creating win-win solutions. What does that mean? Our solutions are made possible by the power of open insurance, giving your customers an elevated user experience. Increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, conversions, and retention - all while your customers get the best possible experience is wonderful - right?

Insurance manager

Become the only solution your customers need to get full control of their insurance status. Use the collected data for product development, upsell, and increased relevancy.

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Insurance switcher

Let your customers compare their current insurance policy directly with your offerings. Insurely’s solution allows for detailed comparisons of coverage, discounts, and price.

Retrieving and auto-filling relevant customer data elevates the customer experience, reduces friction, and increases conversions.

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Sales support tool

Enable customer service representatives to see customers’ insurance policies in real-time, together with the customer - on any device. Customers’ insurance policies are collected, populated, and categorized directly from the providers and displayed in the interface within seconds.

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Pension manager

Let your customers collect their occupational pension and get an overview of their portfolio -including fees, in your interface. Get actionable insights on your pension schemes, find out if they are transferable, and gather them all in one place.

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Pension switcher

Let your customers collect, and initiate transfer requests for their occupational pensions directly in your digital interface.

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Add a recurring revenue stream through a simple, smooth, and easy-to-integrate solution. Our checkout solution is a complete insurance distribution service, including license and IDD compliance.

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We’re here to help.

If you’re curious about growing your business and creating extra value for your customers, we’re probably a match.

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