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Support your advisors with real-time data.

Make offline sales more efficient by using real-time data during a call or meeting.

  • Easy-to-use

    Our module is integrated within your environment as an iframe. Ready to use within hours. All data is collected, populated, and categorized through the cloud directly from the insurance companies and displayed in the tool within seconds.

  • Build trust

    Both the customer representative and customer can see the collected policies in real-time through a web browser – on any device, reducing customer uncertainty. The customer representative can focus on the conversation to build trust, rather than populating forms or other non-value-added tasks.

  • Efficient

    Access to data in real-time allows for more time focused on value-added services and upselling instead of manual work-intensive tasks such as populating forms. The sales team can now initiate sales calls during normal hours, leading to a greater aggregate volume of calls per customer representative.


We know open insurance.

Do you want to accelerate your insurance sales? We’re here to help.

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