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Empower your advisors to close more deals.

Increase the conversion and quality of your calls or meetings by accessing real time customer insurance and pension data.

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Trusted by leading insurance providers.

Provide better advice. Close more deals.

Real time data from the customers’ insurance policies or pension plans gives your advisors the insights needed to provide truly valuable advice and close more deals.

  • Give personalized advice based on the customer’s data increases trust and transparency.
  • Instantly identify coverage gaps and upsell opportunities.

Increase advisor efficiency.

Collecting customer data is quick. Simply send an SMS link to the customer to initiate the data collection, sit back while Insurely collects the data, and get access to the customer’s current insurance coverage or pension plan in no time.

  • Save time by replacing the information gathering process with data automatically collected in real-time.
  • Instantly identify coverage gaps and upsell opportunities.

Easy to get started. No technical integration required.

Our module is integrated within your environment as an iframe - ready to use within hours. All data is collected, populated, and categorized through the cloud directly from the insurance companies and displayed in the tool within seconds.

  • Get insurance coverage and price detail.
  • Assisted cancellation through a Power of Attorney so representatives can close deals during the call.

We know open insurance data.

Do you want to accelerate your insurance or pension sales? We’re here to help.

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