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How Sensor Insurance created a better offline insurance experience.


Sensor Försäkring's selling processes could previously be long and complicated, with customers not properly understanding their insurance coverage. Now, using Insurely's Sales Support Tool, the offline sales experience is more digital and more effective, which benefits both Sensor and their customers. It's a win-win. 


Today, a lot of people don’t know what type of protection they have or what risks they need to insure against. In addition, checking - and truly understanding - insurance can be both time-consuming and complicated. Sensor Försäkring wants to change this and help people make well-informed decisions about their insurance situation.


Insurely enables us to offer the right policy in both terms of coverage and price.”

                                                            Joakim Ström, Co-Founder and COO, Sensor Försäkring


Sensor Försäkring is an insurance intermediary founded in 2017, offering affordable and easy-to-understand products, sold both through customer dialogues over the phone but also online. Before Sensor Försäkring started using the Insurely Sales Support Tool, customers had to search for their insurance policies on their own or contact their insurance providers when not knowing the price, coverages, due dates, or payment plans. This slowed down the buying process and sometimes discontinued it due to the hassle. But since Sensor has started using Insurely’s products, things have gone much more smoothly. Joakim Ström, Co-Founder and COO of Sensor Försäkring, explains:

We’re currently on a growth journey, where Insurely is supporting us in streamlining our offerings and connecting the online - and offline customer journey. They help us collect the right information without effort from our customers, enabling us to deliver a unique and relevant offer both in terms of coverage and price. This is exactly in line with our ambition of being an innovative company, which gives us a competitive edge.


Increased quality by accessing real time data

With Insurely’s Sales Support Tool, Sensor’s advisors can ask customers during a phone call to share their insurance information. Through Insurely’s technology, this is possible in real time through the customer authenticating to their current insurers with BankID (the largest electronic identification system in Sweden with a usage rate of 94% among smartphone users). When ready, the customer and the advisor at Sensor can together go through the insurance protection and ensure adequate coverage.

Joakim has a long background in the insurance industry and knows what difference this kind of service makes: 

The biggest difference between our previous and current way of working is that we can really give the customer correct advice and trust that the documentation gets done accurately from the beginning. Insurely makes it easier for both our customers and for us. It creates enormous value for us employees and for the company as the error margins decrease significantly and creates a better experience for our customers."


You can do all the work for the customer. It makes things easier for us and the process goes much faster. It also makes it easier for the customer as they don’t have to stay present if they don’t want to; they can do something else in the meantime, and then we can just call them with the information when we have it. That way, they don’t have to set aside time to make the comparison themselves.

                                                               Customer representative, Sensor Försäkring


Giving more power to the customers

The collaboration between Sensor and Insurely started as a trial-period but has since continued. Now, they’ve worked together for over two years, and Sensor will soon expand their offering with Insurely’s innovative technology. 

The market is continually becoming more mature for using this kind of technology. Some elderly people can still find it unsettling to use BankId, but this barrier decreases as soon as they see the benefits. The data we access also helps us to develop our offerings, Joakim says and continues:

I think Insurely has found a way of approaching the insurance industry in a very innovative and smart way. It gives more power to the customers, enables comparison, and creates a fair market as there’s better access to information. 


This is how it works: 

  • The advisor makes an outbound call or receives an inbound call
  • The advisor asks if he or she can review the customer’s current insurance offer
  • The customer agrees and receives a link from the advisor to allow for insurance data sharing
  • The customer verifies with BankID that the advisor may take part in the existing insurance information
  • The data is retrieved, and another link is sent to the customer
  • In the link, the customer can see the data visualized, i.e., gathered information about his or her current insurance offer (content, price, end-date)
  • The advisor presents and compares their insurance offer with the customer’s current insurance offer
  • Together, in real-time over the phone, they both see the two offerings and can discuss what suits the customer best


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