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Our story

Proper peace-of-mind for everyone.

An idea is born.

In 2018, an idea was born from the idea that “insurance is something that I pay for, but that I don’t understand”.

We wanted to change that and create proper peace of mind for everyone, so we launched our own app allowing users to collect all their insurance policies in one place.

How can we get there faster?

However, after a while we realized that we could probably reach our goal of making insurance accessible and transparent to everyone faster by working directly with insurers and banks.

In 2020 we pivoted Insurely to become a service provider to the finance industry, allowing banks and insurers to leverage our data aggregation capabilities to build new use cases, modern customer experiences, and getting new customers. That’s what we call a win-win.

Bonjour. Hej. Hello.

In 2022 we started our international expansion, motivated to make our vision come true not only for Swedish consumers, but for consumers all over Europe. Today we are working with leading insurers and banks in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and France - with more markets to come shortly.

Our view on the future of finance.

Finance is one of the oldest and most important industries in the world. And every so often a new innovation comes along that promises to disrupt everything. We have found that is rarely the case.

However, there are two things happening that might change things a bit more than usual. Firstly, today’s consumer expects more of their service providers than ever before. All of us want our experiences to be quick, seamless, and transparent. This applies when we order food online, stream movies, or order transportation. And these expectations carry over to other service providers, including our banks and insurance providers.

Secondly, the European Union is working on the Financial Data Access regulation (FIDA). This means that financial institutions will have to share data such as insurance, pension, and savings data through open APIs soon.

This data can be used to create a new type of customer experience. One that is quicker, more seamless, and more transparent. This is better for customers - and banks and insurers will be able to acquire new and more loyal customers with this type of data. A true win-win.

“Visioning a future where open finance is a reality, we see consumers in full control of their financial journeys. In this reality, consumers has ownership of their data, fostering transparency and trust with the financial institutions they interact with - while the industry gets access to the data they need to offer their customers better experiences. A true win-win for both consumers and the industry. An open finance ecosystem empowered by innovation thrives on collaboration and ultimately provides proper peace-of-mind for everyone.”
Martin J. Gylfe CEO, Insurely

We look forward to a future where finance is more:





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