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Open use cases that actually add to your bottom line.

First there was open banking. Now banks and asset managers can create new products and  user experiences that actually add to your bottom line with open finance.

Common challenges.

  • Regulatory pressures

    Regulatory pressures consume a lot of your IT resources, having to spend most of them on maintenance and compliance instead of innovation.

  • Increased competition

    There is increased competition from fintechs, bigtechs, and niche banks that are all trying to win shares of wallet - leaving you with the least profitable parts.

  • Ageing customer base

    Your current customer base is ageing, and the  new generation of banking customers are looking to fintechs and niche banks for their banking needs.

Our solutions.

  • Open finance solutions

    Insurely is the leading provider of open finance solutions within insurance and pension, letting you focus on what matters, your core business and your customers, and serving their evolving financial needs.

  • Quick implementation

    Implement our products and use cases quickly with our APIs, ready made modules, and dedicated support team.

  • Make it make business sense

    Win back shares of wallet, such as pension, and add new shares that weren’t previously accessible, such as insurance - with one and the same tech partner.

Hear it from our customers.

"Together with Insurely we are now digitalizing the industry and making it easier than ever to transfer pensions and get a better overview of all your pension savings."
Åsa Mindus Söderlund CEO, Avanza Pension
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