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API access

Create fully customizable open finance experiences.

Use our APIs to access and use data directly in your applications - in exactly the way you want to.

How does API access work?

01. Get your API key

Access our API by including your key in your requests. The data will then be returned to you through the API.

02. Include data in your user journeys

Once access has been granted, you can start developing your user journeys where you want to use the data, or include data in already existing flows.

03. Collect and use data

Use the Insurely Data access API to get the data into your core systems and make future usage of the information.

What use cases can you create using API access?

Minimize your market risks and develop the right product for the right customer segment by accessing the most reliable insurance and pension data available on the market.

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Benefits of accessing data using our APIs.

  • Full customization

    Create your own use cases using API access and build completely custom user journeys. Customise the user interfaces to adhere to your brand, compliance and legal requirements.

  • Use data anywhere

    By using our API to access data, you can store and access information just where you want and need it.

  • Compliance

    By using our API to access data, you easily comply with strict brand, compliance, and legal requirements - making legal, IT security, and your customers happy. A win-win.

    We also offer additional, technical and design, and support for customers integrating with this option to streamline their development process.