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Engagement and Retention

Become the one place to go for all things insurance.

Engage, retain and upsell your customers by offering them an overview of all their insurance policies directly in your app or on your website.

How Engagement and Retention works.

01. Insurance provider selection and authentication

The user selects their current insurance provider and authenticates themselves using single sign on, username and password, or PDF upload. At the same time, they consent to Insurely collecting data on their behalf.

02. Data collection

Insurely then collects the user’s data in real-time. The data is cleaned, standardized, and ready to use within a couple of seconds.

03. Data overview

With the data collected, the user can get a clear overview of their coverage. This transforms insurance from something that is difficult to understand to something that is relevant and understandable for the user.

Why use real-time data for Engagement and Retention?

  • Increase customer lifetime value

    By creating offers based on potential gaps, excess coverage, or pricing inefficiencies in the customer’s current insurance portfolio you can cover more of your customer’s risks, resulting in an increased customer lifetime value.

  • Build retargeting lists that convert

    By using contact information as well as details about insurance policy expiration dates, you can market and sell to the right customer just when their insurance policy is about to expire, leading to increased sales efficiency.

  • Retain customers for longer

    By making insurance understandable and manageable for your customers, you decrease the risk of churn while increasing customer satisfaction, leading to an increase in retention.

Hear it from our customers.

“For us, it’s completely natural to collaborate with a fast moving and innovative insurtech like Insurely so that we can offer our customers sharp digital features faster.”
ICA Insurance
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Using Insurance Data Access
Using Pre-built Component Access

How to create the Engagement and Retention use case.

Data Access Method


Use our APIs to access and use data directly in your applications - in exactly the way you want to.

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Data Access Method

Pre-built user interfaces

Exceed customer expectations by accessing insurance and pension data through our pre-built user interfaces. Tested, optimized, and quick to implement.

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