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Pension Transfer

Increase your inflow of pension capital.

Grow your Assets under Management by making it simple for consumers to move their pension savings to you.

How Pension Transfer works.

01. Pension provider selection

The user enters the flow in your app or on your website and selects the pension providers they want to collect their pension data from.

02. User authentication and consent

The user authenticates themselves using a single sign on or username and password. At the same time, they give Insurely consent to collect data on their behalf.

03. Display of collected data

Insurely then collects the user’s pension data in a couple of seconds. It can be displayed for the user to see their savings information, including which savings can be transferred and not.

04. Pension transfer initiation

The user initiates a transfer of their pension savings to you directly in your app or on your website.

Why use real-time data for Pension Transfer?

  • Grow your Assets under Management

    By removing the hassles of the traditional transfer process, more users actually go through with it, and thereby grow your Assets under Management.

  • Reduce back office time

    By instantly seeing which savings are transferable and not, and only focusing on the movable savings, you save back office time which results in increased efficiency.

  • Increase average customer value

    Letting consumers collect all their pension data in one flow helps them uncover forgotten pension savings, increasing the average value of each potential customer.

Hear it from our customers.

"Together with Insurely we are now digitalizing the industry and making it easier than ever to transfer pensions and get a better overview of all your pension savings."
Åsa Mindus Söderlund CEO, Avanza Pension
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Using Pension Data Access
Introduced "The Pension Hunt" to encourage customers to move their savings to Avanza
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How to create the Pension Transfer use case.

Increase your Assets under Management by making it simple for consumers to collect, view, and move their pensions to your services.

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Data Access Method


Use our APIs to access and use data directly in your applications - in exactly the way you want to.

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Data Access Method

Pre-built user interfaces

Exceed customer expectations by accessing insurance and pension data through our pre-built user interfaces. Tested, optimized, and quick to implement.

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