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Personal Finance

True full-service banking.

Offer a holistic financial experience that is good for your customers and your bottom line.

How Personal Finance works.

01. Collect insurance and pension data

The user enters the flow in your app or on your website and selects the insurance and/or pension providers they want to collect their data from.

02. Authentication and collection of data

The user authenticates themselves using single sign on, username and password, or PDF upload. At the same time, they consent to Insurely collecting data on their behalf.

03. Data collection

Insurely then collects the user’s or data. The data is cleaned, standardized, returned and ready to use within a couple of seconds.

04. Make data transparent and understandable

The data can then be used to help the user understand their current coverage and pension savings, as well as giving them an overview of their financial situation. This allows them to make informed decisions and become more engaged users.

Why use real-time data for Personal Finance?

  • Make business cases that make business sense

    By leveraging insurance and pension data, you can create use cases and services which are not only good for your customers but that also actually adds to your bottom line, resulting in profitable growth.

  • Increase customer engagement

    Consolidating insurances, pensions, and more allows customers to easily interact with various financial products in one place, which leads to increased engagement.

  • Make better offers

    Access to data points such as price, discounts, deductibles and a lot more regarding your customers’ insurances and pensions, enables you to offer targeted products and services.

Hear it from our customers.

"At SEB, we constantly strive to meet our customers' changing needs and we have, in recent years, focused heavily on digitizing our products and services. We are very proud to take the first step towards open finance and meet our customers' expectations with the help of our strategic partner, Insurely. We look forward to continued close collaboration with them throughout the entire insurance sector."
Stefan Stignäs Head of Exploratory Banking & Strategic Partnerships, SEB
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Using Insurance Data Access
Using Pension Data Access

How to create the Personal Finance use case.

Increase your Assets under Management by making it simple for consumers to collect, view, and move their pensions to your services.

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Data Access Method


Use our APIs to access and use data directly in your applications - in exactly the way you want to.

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Data Access Method

Pre-built user interfaces

Exceed customer expectations by accessing insurance and pension data through our pre-built user interfaces. Tested, optimized, and quick to implement.

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Data Access Method

Advisor access

Empower your advisors to give valuable advice in less time by giving them access to customers’ insurance and pension data in real-time in a single overview.

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