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Advisor Empowerment

Empower your team to give expert advice.

Improve the quality of your advisors' calls and meetings by giving them real-time access to consumers’ insurance data.

How Advisor Empowerment works.

01. During or ahead of a call or meeting

Ahead of, or during an interaction with an advisor the user gets a link to a webpage where they can collect their insurance data and share it with the advisor.

The webpage can also work as a lead generator, generating hot prospects for your advisors to call.

02. Insurance provider selection and authentication

The user selects their current insurance provider and authenticates themselves using single sign on, username and password, or PDF upload. At the same time, they consent to Insurely collecting data on their behalf.

03. Data collection

Insurely then collects the user’s data in real-time. The data is cleaned, standardized, and returned to the advisor within seconds.

04. Advisory and closing

Once the data has been returned both the advisor and the user get an instant overview of the current coverage, both in regards to key data points of the coverage as well as the general terms and conditions of the policy. By viewing the user’s data, the advisor can quickly identify inefficiencies and provide better and personalized advice directly over the phone or in the meeting - increasing trust, transparency and conversion.

Why use real-time data for Advisor Empowerment?

  • Shift discussions from price to value and reliability

    By seeing the prospect’s insurance information, advisors can focus the conversation on the areas where they can provide the best advice, resulting in less focus on price and more focus on value.

  • Get validated data instead of verbal information

    Basing conversations on validated data instead of relying on prospects’ verbal accounts of their current coverage saves time and increases trust, resulting in increased advisor capacity and quality.

  • Convert and upsell more

    By helping prospect’s make informed decisions and cancelling their previous policies directly on the call or in the meeting increases the chance of closing the deal, resulting in better conversion and more sales.

Hear it from our customers.

“The biggest difference between our previous and current way of working is that we can really give the customer correct advice and trust that the documentation gets done accurately from the beginning. Insurely makes it easier for both our customers and for us. It creates enormous value for our employees and for the company as the error margins decrease significantly, and it creates a better experience for our customers.”
Joakim Ström CEO, Sensor Insurance
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Using Insurance Data Access
Using Advisor Access

How to create the Advisor Empowerment use case.

Data Access Method

Advisor Access

Empower your advisors to give valuable advice in less time by giving them access to customers’ insurance and pension data in real-time in a single overview.

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