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Increase relevance and optimize sales.

Build next-generation insurance services and transform online and offline insurance sales through Insurely’s easy-to-use products. Drive customer loyalty and retention through data-driven insights and offerings that make sense for your customers.

Put your insurance sales process on steroids.

  • Make it seamless

    With open insurance data, you can offer an insurance onboarding process that is friction-free. By letting your customers import data from their current insurance policy, 90% of required fields in your checkout flow can be automatically filled. Less hassle and decisions for your customers, whether it’s about finding expiration dates or mileage, leading to less churn and more sales.

  • Empower your customers

    Give your customers insights about their current insurance and let them create an accessible and personalized experience within your app. Insurely’s products enable you to build a new and engaging experience - it’s a win-win.

  • Harness the power of data

    Put your business on steroids with the data flow generated. Using any of Insurely’s products will give you a detailed understanding of your customers. Whether your strategy is to utilize data in pricing, marketing, or automation - we got you covered.


  • Increased conversion in digital channels

    Using Insurely’s products, insurers consistently increase their conversion rates in their digital purchase journey. Comparing insurance policies can boost conversions by 30%, while automatic filing of important information can reduce churn by 50%.

  • Boost in offline sales

    With Insurely’s sales support tool, insurance companies increase efficiency in their direct customer interactions primarily over the phone and in physical meetings. Results include up to 50% reduction in time per sales call and 30% increase in conversion rates due to better customer understanding.

  • Understanding of your customers

    With the data collected from our products, insurers get unique knowledge of their customers. As an example, insurers can tune their products based on popular add-ons as detected by the incoming data flow.


  • Insurance manager

    Empower customers to understand, and take control of their insurance situation. Increase awareness through relevant and timely insights. Notify on renewal dates, gaps in coverage, or better-suited offerings by leveraging data.

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  • Insurance switcher

    Let your customers compare their current insurance policy directly with your offering. Insurely’s platform allows for detailed comparisons of coverage, discounts, and price.

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  • Insurance autofill

    Create frictionless customer experiences through data collection and automation. Insurance autofill retrieves and pre-populates all relevant customer insurance data points needed to provide accurate comparisons or to simplify conversions.

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  • Sales support tool

    Enable customer service representatives to see customers’ insurance policies in real-time. Customers’ insurance policies are collected, populated, categorized, and displayed on the interface within seconds.

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  • Pension Manager

    Let your customers collect their occupational pension and get an overview of their portfolio, including fees, in your interface. Get actionable insights on your pension schemes and find out if they are transferable. Gather all transferable pension plans in one place. Let your customers be in control of their pension.

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