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Changing the insurance industry is harder than anyone thinks. But it is changing.

Increasing customer expectations, an upcoming FIDA regulation - insurers will have to adapt. We’re here to help you succeed in the open finance era.

Common challenges.

  • Regulatory pressures

    Regulatory pressures consume a lot of your IT resources, having to spend most of them on maintenance and compliance instead of innovation.

  • Limited value from data

    You have lots of data, but limited analytics capabilities makes it hard to use it in a meaningful way and to compare your data with the rest of the market.

  • Ageing customer base

    Your average customer is growing older and a larger part of the new generation of insurance buyers look to price aggregators or new challengers.

Our solutions.

  • Compliant innovation

    Insurely is the leading provider of open finance solutions within insurance and pension. Our FiDA ready products let you focus more on innovating without worrying about compliance.

  • Become data-driven for real

    We not only give you access to data, we give you access to useful data that can actually be used to improve your bottom line.

  • Open finance is new - we are not

    Our products are already used by leading banks and insurers, so while you’ll be early enough to reap the benefits of open finance - you will not be first.

Hear it from our customers.

"Insurely help us collect the right information without effort from our customers, enabling us to deliver a unique and relevant offer both in terms of coverage and price."
Joakim Ström CEO, Sensor Insurance
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Discover use cases for insurers.

Minimize your market risks and develop the right product for the right customer segment by accessing the most reliable insurance and pension data available on the market.

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