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Product Development

Put your data to work where it matters the most.

Minimize your market risks and develop the right product for the right customer segment by accessing the most reliable insurance and pension data available on the market.

How Product Development works.

01. Collect data

The Product Development use case relies on data collected through Insurely in your other use cases. The insights you get depend on which type of data access you have.

02. Log into Insurely

Your collected data is viewable in your Insurely account. There you can look at individual collections as well as aggregated data on larger scales on dashboards.

03. Analysis and insights

The data can be visualized across a number of different dimensions and metrics to help you to find the insights you need to improve your existing products, or the insights needed to develop new ones.

Why use real-time data for Product Development?

  • Diversify your product portfolio confidently

    By relying on collected data from your target audience, you can identify market opportunities and strategically develop the right new insurance products to diversify your offering.

  • Access competitive market insights

    By getting insights into market trends, competitor offerings, and customer behaviours you can make informed and strategic decisions resulting in you staying competitive.

  • Minimize risk

    By looking at your target audience’s actual data, you get insights into where you can innovate and differentiate your offering while catering to their needs, which decreases your risks in developing products that don’t meet your customers’ expectations.

Hear it from our customers.

“Insurely help us collect the right information without effort from our customers, enabling us to deliver a unique and relevant offer both in terms of coverage and price. This is exactly in line with our ambition of being an innovative company, which gives us a competitive edge.”
Joakim Ström CEO, Sensor Insurance
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Using Insurance Data Access
Monitor and review collected data on dashboards.

How to create the Product Development use case.

Data Access Method


Use our APIs to access and use data directly in your applications - in exactly the way you want to.

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Data Access Method

Pre-built user interfaces

Exceed customer expectations by accessing insurance and pension data through our pre-built user interfaces. Tested, optimized, and quick to implement.

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Data Access Method

Advisor access

Empower your advisors to give valuable advice in less time by giving them access to customers’ insurance and pension data in real-time in a single overview.

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