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Provider of open finance solutions

Real-time access to insurance and pension data.

Create win-win financial experiences with open data.

  • Revenue

    Make personalized offers and convert prospects by leveraging collected data at the right moment.

  • Insights

    Get insights from product, pricing, and market data - all while empowering your customers with knowledge about their finances.

  • Loyalty

    Retain customers and increase their lifetime value by helping them make better and more informed decisions.

Providing value for both the banking and the insurance industry.

Hear it from our customers.

"Together with Insurely we are now digitalizing the industry and making it easier than ever to transfer pensions and get a better overview of all your pension savings."
Åsa Mindus Söderlund CEO, Avanza Pension
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About us.

“Envisioning a future where open finance is a reality, we see consumers in full control of their financial journeys. In this reality, consumers has ownership of their data, fostering transparency and trust with the financial institutions they interact with - while the industry gets access to the data they need to offer their customers better experiences. A true win-win for both consumers and the industry. An open finance ecosystem empowered by innovation thrives on collaboration and ultimately provides proper peace-of-mind for everyone.”
Martin J. Gylfe CEO, Insurely
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What you can achieve with Insurely.

Minimize your market risks and develop the right product for the right customer segment by accessing the most reliable insurance and pension data available on the market.

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Beyond theory: Exploring concrete examples of open finance.

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