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Insurely contributes to an improved customer experience in the pension sector for SEB.

Insurely collaborates with SEB, one of the largest banks in the Nordic region with a strong focus on digital innovation, to meet customer needs in the pension and insurance sector. The partnership initially aims to make it easier for SEB's customers to have a clear overview of their pension savings.

"Through our partnership with SEB, we are paving the way for a more transparent pension market where consumers have control over their future financial situation. From being a time-consuming and complex process for consumers, they can now, in real-time, see what a transfer of their occupational pension might look like. We believe in increasing understanding and a sense of security around pension products, while offering individuals the flexibility and control they deserve," says Martin Einemo, CEO and co-founder of Insurely.

"At SEB, we constantly strive to meet our customers' changing needs and we have, in recent years, focused heavily on digitizing our products and services, such as through open banking solutions and collaborations with fintech companies. We have now taken the next step and are very proud to take the first step towards open finance and meet our customers' expectations with the help of our strategic partner, Insurely. We look forward to continued close collaboration with them throughout the entire insurance sector," says Stefan Stignäs, Head of Exploratory Banking & Strategic Partnerships at SEB.

The first step in SEB's ambition to digitalize the flow of occupational pensions is to provide their customers with the opportunity to gain greater insight into their pension savings. Through Insurely's technology, SEB can offer a transparent and user-friendly experience where customers can easily retrieve their occupational pension, regardless of company, digitally in real-time and thus gain a clear overview of their pension holdings.

The collaboration between Insurely and SEB represents a significant milestone in the development of digital solutions in the pension industry. The partnership marks a clear direction towards a future where people are allowed to take full ownership of their future financial situation and where pension savings are more accessible and understandable for everyone.

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