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The next big thing in insurance is here.


It’s called open insurance.

Open insurance is, in simple terms, an umbrella term for enabling information sharing within the insurance industry. Today, insurance is perceived as a complex and inaccessible product with long terms and conditions. 

Open insurance will make the industry more transparent with the help of open data and insights. We believe that insurance should be more accessible for everyone. This will benefit both the insurance providers through more insights about their customers and consumers through better insights about their insurance. Ultimately, we want to achieve proper peace-of-mind for everyone.

In that vein, our new brand is built on collaboration, being human, and doing good. What we want to create is a better experience for our customers and consumers. We use the asterisk symbol as a tongue-in-cheek way to say that with us, you’ll see no more asterisks, no more need to read between the lines. The transparency in open data will be key in creating better insurance products and more enjoyable insurance experiences. Other than that, we have a new dynamic color palette, a new wordmark, new typefaces for emotion and clarity, and some new brand elements, all of which you might see in the app or on our website.

Now, we talk a lot about open insurance and all the benefits that come from utilizing it, but if you still have a hard time grasping it, let’s just say this: We’re democratizing the world of insurance, it’s the next big thing.

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