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Insurely and Bliwa initiate collaboration and launch Behovsguiden for a more personalized and tailored insurance experience.


Bliwa is expanding its insurance offerings through the launch of Behovsguiden, made possible by Insurely's technology. Through Behovsguiden, Bliwa aims to provide a more personalized and tailored insurance experience to their customers.

Behovsguiden is a tool that allows consumers to assess whether they have the right insurance coverage, regardless of whether they are insured with Bliwa or another insurance company. This is intended to create a secure digital environment for the customer by ensuring they have the right coverage that meets their specific needs.

"To get an overview of your insurances and being able to match them to your needs has long been a difficult and previously entirely manual process. Our technology has enabled Bliwa to create Behovsguiden, which is based on the customer's actual situation without the need for the customer to manually gather the information. In the current macroeconomic climate, we see an increasing demand for services like this. It not only provides the consumer with a better overview of their insurances but also contributes to enabling the consumer to make more informed decisions, increasing loyalty in the long term," says Martin Einemo, co-founder and CEO of Insurely.

With the launch of Behovsguiden, Bliwa takes a significant step forward in its commitment to creating a smooth and tailored insurance experience. By offering a user-friendly method to assess coverage and insurance needs, Bliwa aims to set a new standard for the insurance industry's interaction with its customers.

"As a company, we have a responsibility to our customers to ensure they have the best possible opportunities to choose the right insurance coverage. Behovsguiden is a way to help our customers and assist them in making better decisions about their insurance coverage" says Johan Gunnarson, Deputy CEO of Bliwa.


About Insurely:
Insurely offers real-time data sharing of insurance and pension data via APIs and user-friendly solutions for open insurance with the aim of making insurance more accessible and easier to understand. Through data and innovative technology, Insurely creates a more transparent and accessible insurance market. Insurely's technical solutions enable insurance companies and banks to provide their customers with more insight and understanding of their insurances. Insurely was founded in 2018 with the vision of making insurance more accessible and easier to understand for everyone.

For more information, please contact:
Mikaela Hamrén, PR Manager
+46 (0)73 754 34 24




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