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Insurely launches Insurance checkout - collaborates with Preglife and Evident Life to offer embedded insurance

Insurtech company Insurely launches checkout; a ready-to-implement checkout solution enabling embedded insurance sales. Being the first one out to use Insurely’s checkout, Preglife is now able to provide their users with a seamless life insurance sign-up in-app, offering insurance policies from Evident Life.

Insurely aims to make the Insurance industry more open and obvious. Adding Insurance checkout to their portfolio means the insurtech company is now able to offer a checkout solution which can easily be implemented by a variety of companies, either as an API or including a full insurance distribution service through a frontend module. For consumers, the solution will make it easier to make well-informed decisions, and buy insurance in a relevant context. For Insurely, this is yet another step towards making the industry more open and accessible. The checkout solution can be integrated by a variety of companies in different industries, increasing both relevance and revenue. Preglife is one of the first companies to implement the solution.

“Signing with Insurely gives us both a seamless and user-friendly signup API, as well as a fantastic insurance add-on to our current insurance portfolio. It's an exciting next step in the right direction to becoming a truly holistic app for happy and healthy families throughout the world." says Per Einarsson, CCO at Preglife.

The Preglife app offers a space for families to be more involved in and informed about their pregnancy using technology and fact-based knowledge. Through the checkout solution, provided by Insurely, Preglife will be able to provide their users with a seamless sign-up solution in-app, allowing them to take the next step towards becoming a holistic insurance partner to growing families.

"The partnership between Insurely, Preglife, and Evident Life is a perfect example of how consumer-centric businesses like Preglife can offer added value to their customers with insurance. In an easy and understandable way, our insurance checkout will help women and men that are connected to Preglife to make a well-informed decision on the coverage they need in the most user-friendly way. Further, releasing our embedded insurance product as an add-on to our data products is a natural step in our product portfolio" says Martin Einemo, CEO at Insurely.

While Insurely acts as the intermediary holder, the provider of the life insurance will be Evident Life.

”We are super excited about launching our new digital partnership model with Preglife and Insurely! Together we are making it possible for a seamless digital customer experience and the benefit of obtaining instant insurance." says Michaela Bruneheim, CEO of Evident Life, about the partnership.

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