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You deserve more. Our open insurance platform gives you just that.

Our products give you access to more data, more insights, more knowledge, and more connections. Insurely is the leading open insurance platform – we help insurance companies, banks, and personal finance services stay one step ahead. Are you ready for what tomorrow brings?

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Companies using our platform.

One platform. Unlimited possibilities.

We provide products that help businesses achieve their goals: From smoother onboarding to the next level of personal finance for your customers.

  • Insurance manager

    • Build trust to increase sales

      Let your customers see all their insurance in one place - and better understand their insurance situation. Give them personalized insights on renewal dates, gaps in coverage, or data-driven customized offerings.

  • Insurance switcher

    • Increased conversion

      Let your customers understand what policies they can switch between, with smart features such as autofill, comparison, and cancelation creating a smoother purchase experience and boosting conversions.

  • Insurance autofill

    • Optimized user experience

      Optimise your sales funnel by letting your customers auto-fill vital information in the insurance sales flow - leading to increased conversion.

  • Sales support tool

    • Increase sales in offline channels

      Enable customer service agents to see customers’ insurance data in real-time. Now you can create tailored offerings based on accurate product and price details.

  • Pension manager

    • Increase assets under management

      Drive customer loyalty by enabling fund collection from pension schemes across different employers, verifying transferability.

  • Checkout

    • Insurance with minimal effort

      Seamlessly offer a variety of relevant insurance products to your customers with our plug-and-play checkout, allowing you to create recurring revenue.

Want to build the next big thing in insurance? Let's work something out.

Insurely’s technology makes managing insurance easy and accessible. Through our platform, you can access high-quality insurance data and reliable connections to more than 95% of the Nordic market. Our platform is used by some of the leading and most appreciated insurance and financial services companies.

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Why Insurely?

  • Coverage

    We collect, structure, and deliver real-time insurance data within P&C, life, and occupational pensions from over 95% of the Nordic market. We cover all relevant data points, from price and expiration date to content and deductibles.

  • Reliability

    We know insurance and technology by heart. Combining this with experience from open banking and SaaS we are the most reliable partner for helping you build the next big thing in insurance.

  • Security

    Your data is safe with us. We maintain a high level of security and all customer data is encrypted in transit and in rest. We follow GDPR guidelines and ensure that all data controller/processor agreements are in place.

  • Easy to build

    We have easy-to-integrate modules and best-in-class developer documentation so you can get set up quickly and build great experiences. We make sure you’re ready for any Open insurance development and will help you reach your ambitions.

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