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Real-time access to insurance policy data.

Get real-time insights into policy details, coverage, and more - directly from your customer's current insurance providers. All through one single integration.

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Trusted by leading insurance providers and banks.

Create the experiences your customers want.

Our data collection products empowers you to create the transparent and modern insurance experiences that consumers demand today, so you can maximize engagement, conversion, and revenue.

  • Insurance Overview.

    Allow your customers to gather all their insurance policies in one place and increase in-app engagement.

    Insurance Overview
  • Compare & Switch.

    Increase conversion by letting your customers collect, compare and switch insurance directly in your environment.

    Compare & Switch
  • Pension Overview.

    Offer your customers an overview of their financial lives — and at the same time, get all the data insights you need to improve your services.

    Pension Overview
  • Pension Transfer.

    Increase the inflow of pension capital and drive revenue by enabling pension transfer requests within seconds through Insurely’s Pension Switcher.

    Pension Transfer

What is open insurance?

Open insurance enables information sharing within the insurance industry. It creates more open relationships between insurance companies and their customers — relationships based on trust, understanding, and an enormous amount of data. It's a win-win; the win for providers is better insights about their insurance products, and the win for consumers is more enjoyable insurance experiences. And as a part of EU’s upcoming open finance framework, open insurance is here to stay.

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What's new?

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    In an era of convergence and collaboration, the concept of bancassurance has emerged as a powerful force, blending the realms of banking and insurance. Bancassurance refers to the strategic ...
  • Increase conversion with Compare & Switch.
    How we buy and manage insurance is fundamentally changing. Consumers today have higher expectations of their financial service providers, including their insurers. At Insurely, we understand the need ...

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Our use cases are made possible by the power of open insurance. When you want to learn more, we’ll be here.

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