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Insurely and ManyPets in collaboration to empower pet owners to make well-informed insurance decisions

Insurely, the leading open insurance solution provider, has entered a partnership with pet insurance provider, ManyPets. Using Insurely’s solution - Insurance Switcher, ManyPets will be able to offer their customers a frictionless way to compare different insurance offerings before making an empowered and informed decision based on unbiased data and relevant information. 

Founded in 2018, Swedish company Insurely is Europe’s leading provider of open insurance solutions. ManyPets was launched in Sweden in 2019, aiming to challenge traditional pet insurance providers by focusing on accessible service and fair terms and conditions. With the help of Insurely’s Insurance Switcher, ManyPets’ customers will now be able to easily compare their current insurance policy with ManyPets offering. This detailed view of compared insurance coverages allows them to quickly identify the offering that will best suit their needs. 

“Comparing insurance policies has previously been a difficult and, above all, a manual process. Instead of having to go through several insurers’ websites searching for a particular policy or renewal date, our Insurance Switcher allows customers to access all the information they need in just one place. Not only will this help customers make informed and empowered decisions based on their actual needs, but it will also build their loyalty long term. A win-win situation,” says Martin Einemo, CEO and co-founder of Insurely. Terms and conditions can vary greatly between different insurance companies, resulting in a greater risk of customers not knowing what coverage they currently have - one thing that ManyPets put a lot of weight on when entering the partnership with Insurely.

“What distinguishes different insurances are mainly the terms. There are both restrictions and exceptions for different diseases and breeds as well as differences in compensation for veterinary costs. With Insurely, we can now give our customers the opportunity to compare their existing insurance with ours. We create full transparency and let the customer make a well-informed decision,” says Marcus Staiger, Senior Partnership Manager at ManyPets Sweden

Together, Insurely and ManyPets will take yet another step towards helping people better understand their insurance options by making the insurance industry more open and transparent. 

“We are an innovative insurance company who wants to offer better insurance for our customers' four-legged family members. ManyPets was among the first insurance companies to offer protection for previous complications, which is something we take pride in. It therefore feels great to enter into this partnership with Insurely which helps pet owners to find out what the insurance they are choosing covers,” says Catharina Gehrke, CEO of ManyPets Sweden.


For more information, please contact: 
Louise Åsheim,, +46 (0)70 89 750 67
Marcus Staiger,, +46 (0)73 052 42 16


About Insurely
Since its launch in 2018, Insurely has been on a mission to create an open and obvious insurance industry by introducing innovative API’s and easy-to-use solutions for open insurance. Insurely creates enhanced insurance experiences with the help of open data and innovative technology by offering products for insurance companies and banks including an insurance manager, an insurance switcher, a sales support tool, and a checkout module for non-insurance customers to sell embedded insurance. These services enable insurance companies and banks to reach a better understanding of their customers, increase conversions, and strengthen customer satisfaction while empowering consumers to better understand insurance and, as a result, make better choices. Everything is in a seamless digital flow with real-time data sharing. Since its launch, Insurely has secured a number of impressive European partners, including Danish car insurer UNDO, Swedish pet insurer Lassie, and leading Nordic bank SEB. In 2022, Insurely is launching its open insurance solutions in the UK. Read more at 


About ManyPets
Many Group Ltd, the parent company behind the pet insurance brand ManyPets in Sweden was founded in London in 2012 and launched dog and cat insurance in Sweden in 2019. It offers advanced easy-to-access pet health insurance - all with a human connection. With innovation, smart technology, and a large customer focus, ManyPets is making the world a better place for pets and their parents. The company is of one of the UK's fastest growing animal insurance players, operates in Europe and the USA and insures about 500,000 pets.


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